Verse Kauniyah in Petobo

Sigi, Al Baraka Charity. Written in the legendary story of the Lut people. Even though Petobo is not as bad as the disaster of the people of Lut, but Allah seems to send verse kauniyah to speak to us to avoid sin.

“And we showered them with rain (stones) then, pay attention to the end of the person who sinned.”
(Surah Al-A’raf 7: Verse 84)

Do not accuse local people of being sinners, but this incident is a message to all the nation’s children to multiply istighfar and repent to Allah. It is not only “just a saying”, but also the real repent is needed. Lower in prostration to Allah, and give the best infaq as a form of guilt for actions that violate Allah’s rules.

Petobo land is like a mattress when we stepped on. The rubbery soil that spreads out with the mud which the surface starts to harden. About seven hundred more housing units are buried in this area. The land that used to be human civilization turned into a mud grave that lost power.

The effect of liquefaction, as experts call it. The effect of juggling settlements into expanses of mass graves. All are washed away and swallowed up by the earth. This is due to the mass and volume of mud coming out in large numbers during the earthquake. so that damage in the area was the most severe due to the 7.4 SR earthquake that rocked on Friday (09/28/2018).

When the Al Baraka Charity and AQL Peduli teams followed the area, hundreds of TNI and joint volunteers were busy evacuating bodies that could be reached by heavy equipment. Rancid smell spreads at every point we stand. Very terrible, unimaginable if our position is on location.

The family of the Koran teacher, Ustad Abd. Ghafur, telling the horror of the events is when the seconds he was chased by a mud scroll.
“It’s terrible, the ground is swaying and behind us mud is like a mountain chasing. So we are richly chased by a mountain of mud,” said his wife with sadness that stroked his face.

The assets are nothing left. The shop he had in the city of Sigi was destroyed. Don’t be asked about the house, all lost swallowed by the earth. “It’s only clothes on the body.” So soft.

The best donations are awaited for Palu and Donggala. Help us. Channel through:

Bank Syariah Mandiri (code: 451) 7555250007
a / n Foundation for Islamic Civilization Center (in Bahasa Yayasan Pusat Peradaban Islam)

Our prayer and care are very meaningful,
so that they are strong and patient through this disaster.

Information and confirmation: +6281292847019


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